Exhibition "Touch"

The moment, when you are able to go around yourself. You don’t feel the gravitation and you don’t feel what people do around you with their restless haste and depressed glance.
I was one of them.
I felt at ease, was nothing and at the same time everything what is needed for somebody.
The thing you would need and I would need.
Touch, that vanishes at once. Is nothing and thaws, blends with you and becomes Everything.
Everything I need.
Caress falls on us.
They inspire us for work, smile, inspire us simply to be and inspire us to be what we are.
They don’t sort who is white and who is black, they look at those, whose heart and arms are appropriate for work and word.
We all have our place in the great plan.
I am happy to be.
I am happy to be what I am for myself, what I am for the Heaven and for the Earth.
One touch and Eternity.
Touch. Even felt quite lightly, but always makes us to return.
I smile with heart of gratitude and mind of peace.
I do the best both for you as well as for myself at the moment when I am painting.